A retrospective series profiling heroes from the ’30s till the ’50s. We focus not only on the known heroes but heroes who made only a few appearances and those who only appeared once.

With three issues under our belt, we are looking forward to making many more issues in this series.


Art by Chris Malgrain

Issue #1 features 32 profiles, with brand new artwork by dynamic artist Chris Malgrain, and hero biographies are written by Richard Boucher, Jesse Bereta, and Julia Lye. Colours provided by Reed Man, James Mason and Oliver Hudson

Issue #1 features three covers by Chris Malgrain. One a homage to X-Men #141 and the second is a homage of Daredevil #1.

Roll Call: Amazing Man, American Crusader, Atom Wizard, Atoman, Atomic Thunderbolt, The Avenger, Black Cat, Black Panther, Blue Lady, Captain Flash, Captain Future, Captain Tootsie, Daredevil, The Eye, Fantom of the Fair, The Flag, Green Giant, Masked Marvel, MiniMidge,t Miss Fury, Miss Masque, Moon Girl, Pat Parker War Nurse, Rainbow, Red Rocket, The Shark, Silver Streak, Target, Vapo-Man, Wonder Boy, Wonderman and Yankee Girl