A retrospective series profiling heroes from the ’30s till the ’50s. We focus not only on the known heroes but heroes who made only a few appearances and those who only appeared once.

With five issues under our belt, we are looking forward to making many more issues in this series.

All issues are illustrated by dynamic artist Chris Malgrain, with hero biographies written by Richard Boucher, Jesse Bereta, Julia Lye and Robert Greenberger. Colours provided by Reed Man, James Mason, Oliver Hudson, Mort Todd and Matt Webb.


Issue #1 has thirty-two profiles and features three covers by Chris Malgrain. One a homage to X-Men #141 and the second is a homage of Daredevil #1.

Roll Call: Amazing Man, American Crusader, Atom Wizard, Atoman, Atomic Thunderbolt, The Avenger, Black Cat, Black Panther, Blue Lady, Captain Flash, Captain Future, Captain Tootsie, Daredevil, The Eye, Fantom of the Fair, The Flag, Green Giant, Masked Marvel, Mini-Midget, Miss Fury, Miss Masque, Moon Girl, Pat Parker War Nurse, Rainbow, Red Rocket, The Shark, Silver Streak, Target, Vapo-Man, Wonder Boy, Wonderman and Yankee Girl


Issue #2 has twenty-four profiles and features three covers by Chris Malgrain.

Roll Call: Airmale, Blue Flame, Captain Atom, Captain Battle, Captain Fight, Captain Freedom, Captain Red Blazer, Captain Red Cross, Captain Valiant, Dart, Doll Man, Flame, Great Zarro, Hood, Lightning, Lone Warrior, Rocketman, Skyman, Space Smith, Spider Queen, Stardust, Strongman, Tomboy and Tommy.


Issue #3 has twenty-four profiles and features covers by Chris Malgrain, Anthony Castillo, Mitch Ballard and Steven Butler

Roll Call: 13, Atlas, Blackout, Blue Fire, Blue Streak, Cyclone, Doc Strange, Dynamite Thor, Eagle, Flagman, Green Turtle, Human Meteor, Lady Fairplay, Liberator, Mad Hatter, Magno, Night Hawk, Nightro, Pat Patriot, Power Nelson, Puppeteer, Scarlet Nemesis & Black Orchid, Shock Gibson and Vulcan.


Issue #4 has twenty-four profiles and features covers by Chris Malgrain, Ron Joseph and Geof Isherwood

Roll Call: Airboy, Amazona, Bomber Burns, Bulletman, Cat-Man, Cosmic Carson, Dynamo, Fantomah, Golden Lad, Green Mask, Jaguar, Lynx, Navy Jones, Nightbird, Phantasmo, Presto Kid, Samson, Sky Wizard, Spy Smasher, Steel Fist, Twister, Wildfire, Wraith and Zebra


Issue #5 has twenty profiles and features covers by Chris Malgrain and Loston Wallace.

Roll Call: Black Angel, Black Fury, Blackout, Bulldog Denny, Captain Commando, Duke Of Darkness, Face, Ferret, Fireman, Flying Fist, Fly-Man, Ghost, Mr. Q, Nightmare, Quicksilver, Red Demon, Rocket Boy, Rusty Ryan, Thor and Woman In Red